[ITC] Minutes from March 4, Agenda for April 1

John Peterson jpeterson at western.edu
Sun Mar 31 15:05:19 MDT 2013

Greetings ITCers!

Here is the agenda for the tomorrow's meeting:

Approval of minutes from 3/4

Old Business:

New website: Brian Barker will be joining us to talk about the new website and faculty participation in its design.

Student survey: Chad will summarize the conclusions from the survey and what ITS will be doing in light of this information.

Electronic Textbooks: John will give excuses as to why he hasn't had time to pass this off to Policies

Instructional Technologist and Concurrent Enrollment Management Director: Claudia will update us

Mobile Computing Devices: Anything further to say here?

Video Conferencing: Chad will inform us about the discussion in Chairs

New Business:


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