[ITC] January Minutes and February Agenda

John Peterson jpeterson at western.edu
Sun Feb 26 13:55:10 MST 2012

Hi all,

The meeting is Monday (Feb 27) at 4pm in the usual place (3rd floor Taylor).

On the agenda:

Approval of the January minutes:  http://www.western.edu/academics/faculty-governance/faculty-governance-2011-2012/information-technology-committee-2011-2012/itc-minutes-january-30-2012.html

Schedule for the rest of the term (March 26 and April 23 are proposed)

Old Business:

Report from ITS (new hibernation policy, Windows 7)

Blackboard 9 - can we send email reminders?  When should old content be removed?

Degreeworks: Any feedback now that students have access?

Safeguarding academic information: protection of My Documents on instructional machines

New Business:

None so far

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